Guide for the correct care and cleaning of our JOKA furniture

The right treatment is essential, which is the basis for your long-term pleasure with the products of JOKA!


Benefit from the comprehensive service of the company JOKA! For each product, we send a sample of the processed fabric or leather to our customers, so that the appropriate furnishings can be selected and the color fastness of the material can be tested before using a cleaning agent!


Use JOKA cleaning kits to clean your JOKA products, which you will find in the JOKA Schauräumen and the JOKA retailers.


The wood parts of the JOKA products are to be wiped dry and the reference parts should be regularly cleaned with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner.

Ratgeber Reinigung JOKA Möbel - Joka
Pflege JOKA Möbel - Joka


Use the extendable parts of your JOKA product in the middle (see operating instructions). When changing seats, please hold the furniture against the supporting frame and avoid pulling on armrests or rear walls.


For optimal sleeping comfort, we recommend the use of a JOKA slat grate or lower bed when purchasing a JOKA mattress.


Please protect wood parts against water, acids, alcohol and permanent heat radiation. Please note that it is in the nature of the wood to deviate from the pattern in terms of color and structure.


Upholstery materials and also wooden parts are naturally fire-resistant, please consider this when using cigarettes and when handling with lighter or matches.


Due to the stress on the upholstery, superficial changes such as folds and troughs can be seen in relation to the duration and type of use. These optical changes result from the individual "habituation" of your furniture and have no decisive influence on use, function or life, and therefore do not constitute a defect.

Information on furniture and leather

Color fastness:
Please note that no guarantee can be given for the exact color match between the sample and the delivered furniture, as it is possible, especially for natural fibers and leather color variations, between patterns and processed material. In addition, for coloring reasons, no 100% color fastness can be guaranteed.


Light fastness:
Please take care not to expose your JOKA furniture unprotected to sunlight for weeks, as both wood parts and fabrics could change their color.


Especially in the case of fabrics such as velor, velvet or plush, depending on the light incidence or viewing angle, the impression arises that the fabric has lighter and darker spots, which are also perceived as color differences. This effect is called Changieren and is not a material or processing error.


Seat mirrors:
Due to the use of upholstery furniture, the result of body weight and heat, as well as due to the body and humidity, especially for fabrics such as velor, velvet, plush and microfibers, can result in the emergence of a use chandelier. In the case of the substances mentioned, this applies as a warentypical property and does not constitute grounds for complaint.